How strong is your passion?

A lot of time I help people take their first job in IT. Always there is the problem. They give up when they don't get positive feedbacks for a few months. At this point, I ask: "How many times have you applied for vacancies ?".

Often they say the number that's less than 10. I think to myself: "Really??? Only 5 times?!" or "10". No matter. That's not enough.

The first job is an excellent indicator of how much you want that. That's an indicator of your power of passion. And I hear: "I did everything I could".

No. You didn't do everything if a job in IT is your dream (that applies to any industry). If you want to get it you should do more. All you can. You have to get a lot of fail. All that is the filter to your dream and indicator of your passion.

As an example, I'll tell you about my dream. I'm a content creator already 1,5 years. I write about accessibility, UX, CSS, HTML. I want people to have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and make the web better.

I am infuriated by not user-friendly and inaccessible interfaces. I want to change that. I think that the only thing that will help fix this is the openness of knowledge.

I publish my content on different platforms such as devto, Linkedin, Codepen, etc. Also, I checked in on Patreon where people support me by taking a month's subscription.

Why do I tell you about it? There are some facts about my journey.

20 454 invites and 11 250 messages have been sent on Linkedin. Every day I spend on creating content around 4 hours, 2 hours on learning information, around 2 hours on searching for new sponsors and 30 minutes on communicating with people. Every Monday I publish posts on Linkedin.

Every day for 1,5 years !!!

And I haven't achieved my goal. Now I make around $50. I don't have a job. I spend all my time creating content. And I don't give up. This's my fight. I believe I will be successful.

Now answer the question: "Have you done everything to achieve your dream?"

Thank you so much for your help, Eva Jamen, Jesse Willard, Mikhail Ilin, Sergio Kagiema, Vlad Bazhanov, Spiridon Konofaos, Ben Rinehart, Tanya Ten, Arbiona Shahu, Claire Collins, Lee Rogers, and Ashlea Gable. You help me to go to my dream.

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