I got rid of my bookmarks

I love studying. Every day I learn something new. Before I always saved all links my bookmarks with the thought "I read it later". Yep, later. I just forgot about that in the end.

Every day I added a lot of links. So my bookmarks became a dump. I couldn't sort that because it killed my motivation. I just this dump and deleted it.

I didn't have a system. And the main thing is my process was a duplicate of Google. I didn't understand all links are saved in Google. It's so obvious. So how I solved the problem of becoming bookmarks to a dump.

I just understood I don't need links. I need knowledge that links give right now. At this moment. No later.

So if I need knowledge so I need to search knowledge. And I started to look for knowledge in Google. I searched topics that are interested me at this moment. For example, "accessible button", "cheese and spinach". Yes, I learn cooking and use this way too.

Then I just read all links and analyze information until the thought "I get that" in my mind. Then I use this knowledge immediately for my task.

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