My first job experience. How I understood respect is the important part of a job. Also I need to know laws

I've started my career in the web studio TOP1 where I developed websites using CMS Joomla. Those days were very funny. I had to maintain browsers that worked in different ways. Maybe it's not necessary to say IE 6 was my favorite browser. Also, I made buttons with rounded corners using 4 pictures! That was fun.

As a young developer, I thought that I was good at it. But my code was sucked. For example, I didn't know about W3C standards or best practices of development. Maybe that happened because I didn't have experienced mentors and no one could point out my mistakes. I wanted to change it. I felt I need to find people who help me to level up my skills.

In this period I was finishing university. So I had to do paperwork deferment of military service for health reasons. I had to ask for some hour off on my job. The business owners didn't like that. They offered to work additional hours but that was illegal. I didn't about it so I agreed.

After I wanted to read the laws and understood they deceived me. I told about that with owners they didn't apologize. I felt insulted by them. But I continued to work.

A few months the new case happened. I worked on the project where the customer wanted we made a scaling picture effect when a user moved the mouse on it. But the difficulty was this element was a link to another page. So that didn't work nice.

I've received the example from my boss and he said to make like in this example. I checked it and saw that doesn't work in IE. I told him about it but rudely he commanded to make that.

I answered: "Don't talk to me that way".

He answered: “I'll talk to you like I want“

I said: "No". I took a blank page and wrote my letter of resignation.

When I came home I was afraid. But I thought I decided the right decision. All next years have confirmed that only. During the next month, I found my mentor. This man became the key person in my career. So never be afraid to change your life.

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