Teaching others is the best way to learn that

I was a developer with 1,5 years of experience. At this time, I thought I'm an experienced developer but actually, no. I just could create web pages using HTML and CSS from PSD mockups. I didn't know about W3C standards, accessibility, or other important things. But I had a passion to improve my skills.

And I started to learn Youtube video from Yandex's class. So I saw my favorite speaker named Oleg. He was amazing. He knew a lot of nuances that I didn’t know. Oleg just inspired me.

I thought why I can't share knowledge like he. But I didn't know how to do that. I remembered I made my first website at my school.

"Exactly! I'll do the class about HTML and CSS at my school”

And I did that. I taught students how to create websites using HTML and CSS. They made a clone of the Yandex home page. Stop! Probably, you have a question.

“Why did you teach if you were a junior? What could you teach?“

Yes, that was a challenge. When I explained something to students I started to understand what I DIDN'T know. They asked me questions that stumped me. So I had to learn so that I could answer them.

They didn't think I was an impostor. Rather they were surprised I didn't to be shy showing what I don't know. Our class was like we just learn something together. And students liked that.

As a result of our learning students known how to create websites. And I understood if I want to learn something I should teach it to others. That's my favorite experience in my life that I use nowadays too.

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Friends, content creating is my full-time job. My goal is to give away my background to you can improve your knowledge and life. It can work if I become to make money on it. If you appreciate my work, please, support me by buying my goods.

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